Welcome to Saint Ann School

As principal of Saint Ann School, a 2010 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school. Educating students since 1964, Saint Ann’s  is a place rich in tradition and heavily invested in faith and family. Ours is a nurturing,  supportive environment that thrives from the contributions of its members. With the help of faculty, staff, and parents, Saint Ann’s is a place where children grow as students  in God’s love.

Saint Ann’s is a co-educational Catholic grammar school that begins with preschool  and continues through eighth grade. With several options for preschoolers and a full-day  Kindergarten, our students embark on an academic journey that affords them the security of a familiar community during their formative years.

Saint Ann’s welcomes students of every religious belief, race, and ethnic origin. Our faculty  and staff are committed to providing the highest quality Catholic education for each student.  Combining deep-rooted traditions and current best practices, we are dedicated to equipping  children with the tools necessary to be successful in the 21st century. The result produces  individuals who are responsible, life-long learners, effective communicators, and problem solvers. Our students learn to cherish their faith and become active, contributing members of society.

At Saint Ann’s, we take pride in maintaining high academic expectations and achievements among our students. Our standardized test scores exceed the national norms in all curriculum  areas. Additionally, many of our graduating students are accepted to prestigious, well respected private high schools as well as the local and private high schools in the surrounding areas.

We are, however, ever mindful that each child is unique, bringing special talents and interests  to our community. Our faculty works diligently to create meaningful learning experiences  within a student-centered environment motivating children to actively participate in their own education. We recognize the imperative need for students to understand how their classroom work translates to the world in which they live.

Thank you for considering Saint Ann’s for your child’s education. Saint Ann’s prides itself on providing academic excellence, a positive, welcoming community, respect for all, and most importantly, strong faith formation. While the information on our website is comprehensive,  nothing can take the place of a personal visit. I encourage you to schedule a tour so that you  can see first hand how we build strength through faith and knowledge. For more information  or to schedule a tour, please contact our Admissions Director at 609-882-8077, ext 220.

John McKenna

Mission Statement

Saint Ann Catholic Elementary School
empowers all students
in a Christ-centered environment
to serve God and others,
to develop their unique talents and gifts,
to strive for academic excellence,
and to become life-long learners.