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Accreditation is a way for a school to evaluate if it is meeting the needs of its students in the way it is intending. All members of the school, including parents, students, and staff, are encouraged to participate in the evaluation so that the information gathered can be as accurate as possible.What is accreditation?

The AdvancED accreditation process will evaluate not only Saint Ann School, but the Diocese of Trenton as a whole. AdvancED uses the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools (NSBECS), as well as its own standards in the evaluation process. Each school uses these standards to see where they excel and where they might need to improve. Throughout the process, an improvement plan is created so that all schools might work to their very best potential.

The accreditation process will evaluate four areas of the school: mission and Catholic identity, governance and leadership, academic excellence, and operational vitality. The process takes a deep look at all aspects of what is important in keeping a school healthy and functioning. It examines its mission, how it is being lead, its academics, and sustainability.

If you would like further information, please refer to the AdvancED or NSBECS websites.

How it affects parents and students

Throughout the AdvancED accreditation process you will be asked to participate by completing two surveys. The surveys will be emailed to you directly. Please take the time to carefully complete each survey by the date indicated. The information you provide is invaluable in improving our school. Your partnership in the accreditation process is important to making it a success.