In our elementary grades students benefit from the small class structure to insure individualized and differentiated learning. We lay the basis for literacy fluency, a strong foundation in Mathematics and religious education program that will take them through their sacramental year of First Holy Communion and Reconciliation.

Our language arts and reading program grows with students as they become independent and strong readers. Saint Ann students learn the importance of discussing literature, sharing writing and listening actively to information from a variety of sources. The Language Arts program is geared toward enabling students to write in clear, concise, organized language that varies in content and form for different audiences and purposes. We expect students to become independent writers who are capable of planning, drafting, revising, editing and presenting effective writing to others.

Saint Ann students learn to pose and solve problems in mathematics, other disciplines and everyday experiences, as well as to communicate mathematically through written, oral, symbolic and visual forms of expression. The goal is to develop reasoning ability that enables students to become self-reliant, independent mathematical thinkers. Students who enter into 5th grade can place into our advanced mathematics program.

In our Social Studies and Science programs students use a variety of texts, research and hands on activities to grow their knowledge of the world around. Classroom reenactments, science labs, and hands on projects help to facilitate both these programs.

In early stages of the Saint Ann Religion program, students come to know and experience God’s love by looking at the magnificent world he created and by coming to know the person of Jesus who lives God’s love. Building upon Catholic principles and teachings, students realize that the loving Jesus they meet in their studies is with them in all their life experiences, and they continue to be educated on the Catholic teachings of the Church.

Core classes include: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Religion.

Enrichment classes include: Gym, Technology, Library, Art, Music and Spanish.