Middle School

Students in our middle school classes experience a renewed sense of responsibility and self-esteem that serves them for the rest of their lives. Our eighth graders, for instance, become mentors to students in the lower grades. Our younger students feel safe and secure and appreciate having someone to look up to, and our older students learn to be kind, considerate and helpful. In turn, this interaction cultivates good citizenship that contributes to the entire local community.


Middle school students study American History in their seventh and eighth grade years. Current events, politics and geography are tied into the curriculum to enhance comprehension of historical concepts that will lead them to be successful, productive citizens. Assessments are conducted through a variety of comprehensive projects, tests and activities. Middle school students also learn to effectively write thorough research papers.

Our Integrated Language Arts program helps middle school students develop a plethora of writing styles, including narrative, persuasive, essay, expository, poetry and formal letters. Grammatical concepts are taught through the writing process of drafting, proofreading, revising and publishing. Students are introduced to several styles of literature, including biographies, fiction, poetry, narratives and short stories written by accomplished authors. They are exposed to different genres throughout the reading curriculum, and they work on enhancing their individual comprehension skills through reading strategies and activities.

Middle school science is broken down into three branches: sixth grade focuses on physical science, seventh grade on life science, and eighth grade on Earth science. All science classes are a combination of two parts: half of the week consists of lecture-style classes, and the other on work in the science lab. All students are actively engaged in meaningful, hands-on lab exercises that stimulate, excite and challenge, regardless of individual ability.

The science program at Saint Ann School aims at providing students with the skills to participate in scientific inquiry through meaningful discussion and supplemental lab activities. These labs range from simple chemistry to various dissections of vertebrates and invertebrates, and even simulations of various Earth processes such as natural disasters and tectonic activity. All students gain experience in completing formal lab reports and research activities that thoroughly prepare them for high school and college science courses. Furthermore, science instruction at the middle school level is filled with fun, excitement and explosive energy!