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Mrs. Daniel’s SPRK Ball Maze – Click here for the links

6th grade students completed Mrs. Daniel’s annual SPRK Ball Maze
project, for which they drew out a maze on graph paper, created it in 3D on Makers Empire, scaled it up to life-size measurements, drew it using metric system measurements, then programmed the ball so that it would run on its own through the maze.
7th and 8th grade students completed our first ever SPRK Ball Medical Carrier project. In this, students were given the task of creating a carrier that can hold 5 Band-Aids and 2 paper towels that need to be “dropped off” in two “classrooms,” which was drawn out on paper. it was their task to draw out the path, scale it up to the designated size, code their SPRK Ball, and make sure their SPRK Ball and Carrier can travel the designated distances. This was to simulate how scientists and engineers prepare for space missions.