**PLEASE NOTE 8the grade students receive a free hardcover yearbook!

You can easily purchase your Saint Ann School yearbook directly online.


    Your yearbook only costs $27.00 for a Soft Cover Book. There is an Upgrade charge of $6.95 so the total cost of a Hardcover Book is $33.95.*

    You’ll need to purchase by April 4th 2017.

    Get started by clicking on this link: BUY THE 2017 Yearbook ONLINE!

    P.S. If you need help, please contact

Parent always need your photos! If you wish to have photos considered for the 2017 Yearbook please contact Mrs. Kim Smith.

She will email you a link to upload photos to a shared google drive!

Please note when uploading please do NOT use students real names

Please DO name the photos by grade and event!!