Kim Smith

Middle School Info

Assignments can be viewed and students can submit their work though
Google Classroom

  • They will receive the code to join the google Classroom by their teachers
  • Students must be logged into their Google Apps for Education account to view.
  • Google has added a Guardian Feature this year. Parents can sign up to receive email notifications and summaries of their students work. MORE INFO will be sent home
  • At this time parents  may also view some homework in the Homework Calendar below. There is no need to login to Google Apps for Education to view the Homework below

Middle School Homework Calendar








Bartholomew and the Oooblek

Audio Book

Google Digital Book

My Goals and Commitments!

Pass my passion for learning onto my students.  Ease the frustration of being a technology user by teaching the understanding and logic behind the Science of Technology. Allow your children the time to practice the skills they will need to grow with the technology throughout their lives.About Technology at Saint Ann.

School Technology &
Technology Curriculum 


About Me

I have been in love with computers since way back, in DOS. For those of you who remember, I have owned a 286, a 386, a 486, and almost one of every number after that! (And if you don’t believe me just visit my basement graveyard) But, alas,. . . I have never been the proud parent of a Commodore 64!!I am however, the proud parent of four children and the proud teacher of, at last count, over a thousand students in my  more than 25 years of service in Parochial Schools!I love the job and the absolute wonder that comes to a face, young or old, that discovers the power behind the keyboard; enhancing and enlightening their minds.Classmate Kitty