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Hello and welcome to 4B. I’m very excited to be working with your children this year. I am a graduate of TESC and the NPTNJ program. I began teaching at St. Mary School-Bordentown in 2003 and taught there for 10 years. When the school closed, I taught at St. Paul School-Burlington, and then St. Charles Borromeo-Cinnaminson. I am blessed with three children. My son is now a Sophomore at Rutgers University-Camden playing for the golf team, my eldest daughter is a Junior in HS, and my youngest daughter is a Freshman in HS in the Bordentown Regional School District.  If you ever need to contact me, feel free to email

This year is a very exciting year for my 4th graders. We brought our theme, Harry Potter, to life with our very own firebolt outside our classroom door. It’s absolutely “wand”erful. We have a classroom pet named Beary Potter. Each of the students will have the opportunity to take home Beary on the weekend and journal his adventures with your family. They are very excited about this. Last year he went camping, apple picking, watched movies, attended a wrestling event, visited Disney, and spent time in Miami.  This year has begun with a trip to Hershey.  Who doesn’t love chocolate? I’m a little jealous of how much traveling he is doing…lol.  He has a beautiful yellow bed made by one of my students last year, accessories to go with it as well as a replica of Hogwarts to stay in during the week made by a student last year.

I believe that “teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning” and that is what I hope for my class. I want them to become strong, independent people who will always be curious and think outside the box.

Every student should have a favorite book to read for scheduled and unscheduled DEAR time. Every Friday, we have a weekly spelling and Vocabulary test.  Once the kids have completed the Vocabulary/Comprehension portion of the test they have  DEAR time.  Please check out my SPELLING CITY homepage URL for my class at:  Here you will find the main spelling words and games to help with studying weekly.  Another great Web site to visit is This goes along with our Math Connects math textbooks.  I also recommend and for math concepts. Our Religion textbooks also have a great site with the study guides and games the kids might enjoy playing to prepare for upcoming tests.  You can go to for all this information. Some great sites for Science include and  Check them out.

I have given my kids a challenge to bring in one healthy snack a day (either 1 fruit or 1 vegetable).  We had a wonderful discussion yesterday during science about soda’s and healthy foods.  They seemed very excited so I thought I would challenge them.  We will begin this Monday, November 14.  They can earn 1 house point for every week they have that 1 healthy snack per day:-)

SCIENCE Chapter 1 – study game at:   To create your chapter 1 science vocab word search, you can use

SCIENCE Chapter 2 – study game at:

SCIENCE Chapter – Earthquakes, Volcanoes – study game at:

SCIENCE Chapter – Fossils – study game at: 

SCIENCE Chapter – Planets – study game at:

We went on a virtual field trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.  Please check out the following site to watch the  trip:


Monday          Technology

Tuesday          Spanish

Wednesday  Gym

Thursday        Art

Friday               Music