All families are part of the PTA and we encourage everyone to take an active role. Your participation in PTA events and fundraisers is vitally important to the success of Saint Ann School.

Our school does have a volunteer and fundraising requirement and you may fulfill those duties through various PTA offerings. The members of the PTA Board look forward to seeing you and your children at the various events we have planned this year! Your continued support and participation in our many projects helps not only the PTA, but also—and most importantly—the children of Saint Ann School.

By volunteering in PTA projects, we teach our children that by investing our time and energy in something we believe in, we can make it even better. We have all been given a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in our children’s educational lives, and together we will achieve great things!

We are always open to suggestions for events or fundraising projects, so please feel free to contact any PTA board member. Please use this site as your guide to the many ways you can become active at Saint Ann School.

The name of our organization points to the primary goal of Saint Ann School PTA: to foster a sense of cooperation and involvement between parents and teachers of our school. Through communication with the staff and faculty, we hope to coordinate the efforts of the parents with those of the teachers to help meet the needs of our students.

The PTA exists so that parents and teachers can support each other in their efforts to guide our children in their academic lives. Because we are a Catholic school, we have the added responsibility of nurturing the spiritual lives of our children. All of our efforts are aimed at helping to create a school where cooperation between teachers and parents provides the best educational and spiritual environment for our children.

Through participation in projects, attendance at general PTA meetings, and support for our fundraisers, we can come together to coordinate our efforts so that they have a maximum positive result…a school where our children are happy and growing—academically, socially, and spiritually.