STREAM TechnologyWe are excited to announce some NEW  enhancements to our STREAM Program!
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Saint Ann School 1:1 Program for Grades 3 through 8th

St. Ann’s school moved forward with providing each student in Grades 6 through 8th a CTL J5x Touchscreen Flip Chromebook and hardshell case for the 2017-2018 school year, These devices will be used daily at home and at school to ensure each student has a consistent educational tool at all times.

Students 5 are given a Lenovo NL21 or NL 22 Chromebook and will be expected to use this tool at home and in school also. This is projected for after the Christmas break but could be as soon as Thanksgiving.

Students in Grades 3 and 4 will use Intel Classmate convertible PCs in school on carts there is a device for each student so there will be no need to share. We are currently evaluating the possibility of sending these devices home as a pilot sometime in the spring.

This 1:1 program is a joint effort among the faculty, PTA, Tech Committee, and School Board to move our students forward with technology to enhance their learning experience. Getting these devices into the student’s hands will enable the teachers to further integrate technology into the curriculum. The device will be for each child to use in and out of school every day during the school year, with the requirement that every child care for the device and bring their to school fully charged each day for classroom use. Insurance coverage options for accidental damage or theft will be provided at a group discounted cost for each device.

The goal of this initiative is to begin preparing our children for the use of technology, online instruction and collaboration, and e-learning. In order to move to an “e-centric” curriculum, the school technology infrastructure required major enhancements and investment. Further enhancements are still needed. To facilitate these needed changes, and provide financial support for existing and recently purchased technological advances, may offer fundraisers to continue meeting this goal.  Please consider supporting those fundraisers as your budget allows.

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Other Technology Information

Saint Ann Technology Initiative Presentation


The Saint Ann Open Guest network, for the time being, is on the following times:

M-F 5:30 to 10:00pm, Sat. & Sun. 8:00am to 10:00pm.

*If any parent group needs more open website access than the Guest network provides or  needs access during the school day they may request a password by sending an email request to:


2014 Computer and Telecommunications Acceptable Use Policy

Questions… MORE INFO

More Questions? Please send a note to your child’s teacher first and they will use the helpdesk email for questions and Trouble Tickets about hardware, software or user issues.